Welcome to BrainWave

BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited provides Bio-IT and KPO services to the various industries across the globe. BrainWave’s life science informatics expertise covers Bio/Chem Informatics, Discovery Informatics and Structural Biology. BrainWave employs in house developed data mining tools for providing high quality and timely services to the customers worldwide.

BrainWave’s KPO services include : Clinical Research, Business Research and Analytics, Market Research, Intellectual Property and Patent related Services, Publishing and Data Processing and Management Services. BrainWave’s main focus is to help the research and marketing activities of the companies by reducing the time taken for research and speeding up the decision making processes.

BrainWave has well trained statisticians who can take up any challenges in analyzing the data whether it is from clinical research (biostatistics), market or business research. Turn around time is much faster with the quality deliverables.

BrainWave with the team of experienced professionals addresses the customer needs in the areas of patent search and intelligence.

We provide

  • Life Science Informatics Services: Bio/Chem Informatics and Discovery Informatics
  • KPO Services: Business Research and Analytics, Market Research, Clinical Research, Publishing, Data Processing and Management
  • Structural Biology Services
  • Intellectual Property Services: Patent Searching, Patent Analysis, Patent Drafting and Patent Prosecution
  • Web Research Services: Key Opinion Leaders Profiling-Contact and Other Information, Key Decision Makers Profiling-Contact Information, Company Profiling, Competitors Analysis, Secondary Market Research and Report Generation, Content Writing-Research and Marketing

BrainWave provides its clients & research partners superior solutions to help them speeding up their research and key strategic decision making processes through Bio-IT and KPO services.